Ensuring that all the individual software functions play together

RTC believes that Software Integration is the most complex step in the development lifecycle. Our software integrators haveyears of experience putting the individual software functions together in the correct places to make the client's vision a reality.


Experienced Software Integration Engineers

Software Integration is a complex step in the life cycle of a project that requires years of experience on different hardware platforms. The software integrator is like a symphony conductor.  Every function has a specific part to play at the specific time to make the product work correctly.

RTC has accumulated years of experience in Software Integration in different industries using different industry standards on different hardware platforms.  Timing is critical to ensure that there are no framing timing issues and the required data is present when it is needed.

• Task assignment and scheduling
• Frame timing analysis – No overruns
• System boots correctly and all initialization is performed
• Functions talk to each other
• No race conditions
• Multi processor communications and no tasks lockouts
• Multi board synchronization with no lockouts
• The system is stable

Depending on your project and its requirements RTC can either assist or perform this task for you at your facility or at our office in our lab.

With RTC you can rest assured that you will have the correct experts working on your System Integration to ensure your projects success.


RTC develops Client partnerships to create world-class innovative solutions that will positively impact any industry

Innovation and design

We believe all of our teams have the potential to deliver amazing projects when work is open and teams have full transparency.

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