Software/Hardware Validation and Verification

Software and Hardware testing is a critical step during the life cycle of a project. RTC prides itself at finding problems early in the development phase as this translates to a less costly rework effort. In order to pass certification, the systems must be tested to the standards pertaining to the field of development (FDA Process, DO-178, DO-254, IEEE 12207) and artifacts must be maintained for later retrieval, maintenance or certification purposes.

• Test Cases and test procedures development
• Requirements gathering into a central database
• Traceability matrices generation
• Customer documentation configuration control
• High level Test plan strategy development
• Software/ Hardware development plan generation
• Test execution, branch and path coverage analysis
• Certification documentation generation

In order for V&V to be efficient it needs to be coupled with flawless traceability, configuration management and enforced certification process life cycle. RTC has extensive experience in end-to-end testing acquired through years of highly critical system designs and testing. From high level test plan definition to generating certification document for the authorities, RTC has led many projects to a successful certification. Test execution, result gathering and analysis, certification document generation are domains in which RTC has proven to be a partner of choice when it comes to certifying highly critical systems.

RTC applies the same principles to the verification and validation of office automation and web tools in order to guarantee that the products work correctly before delivering them to our customers.

With RTC your team is assured to secure the most current and most complete knowledge available in the consulting industry.


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