Software/Hardware Design and Development using UML

UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a widely recognized international standard: ISO / IEC 19501:2005 Information technology -- Open Distributed Processing -- Unified Modeling Language (UML) Version 1.4.2. Originally designed to be used for modeling Software applications, the modeling language has evolved and is now used in a wide variety of domains from Hardware to business modeling. The power of the language, added to its standardization, has made UML a worldwide standard for developing powerful, maintainable and coherent systems.

• Use-case diagrams
• Class diagrams
• State-machine diagrams
• Message-trace diagrams
• Object-message diagrams
• Process diagrams
• Module diagrams
• Platform diagrams

UML is design to allow specifying, visualizing, and documenting the artifacts of an object-oriented system under development. Through the use of different types of diagrams like for example the Class diagrams or again the State-Machine diagrams, the engineer can quickly model a complex project while maximizing its maintainability.

At RTC our team is trained to apply UML methodologies to represent, model, and maintain your most complex projects. Using the power of UML and its different diagram, you are ensured that your Software or Hardware will be represented in the most standardized and efficient way. This object oriented technique is applied to your projects to minimize development time as well as decreasing Verification and Validation effort by streamlining the most complex system.


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