Systems/Software Requirements Development

The Team at RTC understand that defining correct, clear and maintainable requirements is the first and most critical phase of the System/Software development. Good requirements mean straight forward design flow and coherent architecture. While poor design leads to expensive rework, a clear and maintainable approach to requirements will ensure your project is done right the first time.

• Process oriented
• Hand in hand requirements definition
• Identification, quantification and database archival of requirements
• Translation from high level to Systems level requirements
• Tracing from Systems level requirement to Customer specifications
• RTC/Customer Design Reviews organization
• Cost impact analysis
• Requirement regression analysis

Our team will work hand in hand with you to ensure your requirements are captured in a clear and maintainable way from the early design phase all the way to capturing and generating traceability matrices. Our team's intimate knowledge of the certification requirements pertaining to your field of work will guide you during the requirement definition phase all the way to the actual certification of your final product. With RTC you always have experts on hand assisting you. Our team will set up regular design reviews to address any questions and ensure your product is per your specifications. All review actions are dispositioned and checked.

An important emphasis is placed on requirements by placing them into a database. Once the customer requirements are decomposed into system level requirements they are numbered and placed into the requirements database. Trace Links are made from the system requirements to the customer requirements to ensure that all requirements are covered. With RTC, all your documents are placed under configuration control, ensuring that tracing is complete, the decomposed requirements meet the object of the customer requirements, the system requirements are clear and unambiguous, and that they are testable.

Finally, the final product is put back under configuration control. The review artifacts are saved for later auditing by the customer or any regulatory body.


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