Structural Code Analysis

Structural Code Analysis is a requirement from certification authorities for many safety critical systems.

RTC has the experience and the team to conduct thorough structural code analysis for your project.

Our team of expert consultants provides you with an average of 20 years experience per engineer combining commercial and regulated industry project expertise. We can either conduct structural code analysis on code that was previously written by your engineers or perform the analysis once our team has finished writing the code as per your requirements.

The expertise accumulated by our team members over the years, and the many Structural Code Analyses they have performed, enables them to quickly and accurately point out problems and areas of required modifications. This experience coupled with their knowledge of certification requirements is a winning combination towards your success.

Once the code analysis is completed, they will provide you with the corresponding documentation, written under your supervision, ready to be presented before the certification board.

From beginning to end, RTC experts are available to you for any questions or concerns. Our teams will provide you with the support you need to accomplish a successful and quick certification.

At RTC we understand the complexity of the whole Structural Code Analysis process and how intimidating it might be for companies not familiar with it.

Our team collaboration with your experts is your guarantee for a successful project.


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