Project Management

Project Management is the starting point of a well conducted project. RTC teams are highly trained in setting up coherent teams. Our team will identify a sequence of steps including a project initiation stage, a design stage, a project execution stage, project monitoring and controlling systems, and finally, a project completion stage. This industry standard approach will guarantee your project a smooth transition between phases.

• Time Management
• Cost Constraints
• Scope Definition
• Task Assignment
• People Management
• Quality Control
• Risk Assessment
• Recovery Path Planning

Early in your project, the RTC team will identify the critical path. They will collect a list of all activities required to complete the project, the time that each activity will take to complete and the dependencies between the activities. By applying a mathematically based algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities, they will establish the starting and ending times for each activity, and determine which activities are critical to the completion of a project. The RTC team can also lead your development team by assigning tasks and defining their scope definitions. Quality control is also an important part of the project management services that we provide. Should trouble arise, the RTC team would draft, in collusion with your management, a recovery path to get your project back on track.

RTC has had extensive opportunity to refine and fine tune their Project Management techniques. Based on industry standards, they have proven many times to be an invaluable tool to your project achieving on-time and on budget delivery.


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