DO-178/DO-254/IEEE 12207 Process and Process Tools

ISO9001:2015/AS9100 REV. D certified as of July 2011

When it comes to projects using DO-178 (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification), DO-254 (Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronics), or IEEE 12207 (common framework for DoD software life cycle process), RTC is the expert to lead your project to a successful certification. With decades of experience in both standards and countless projects successes, RTC has the knowledge and the foreseeing abilities to help you avoid common mistakes and roadblocks associated with certification processes.

• IEEE 12207 experts
• DO-178/DO-254 experts
• Experienced in both regulatory processes
• Extensive DO-178 / DO-254 / IEEE 12207 project history
• Facilitation of required authorities' audits
• Preparation of required documentation
• Project planning and scheduling

DO-178 & DO-254, developed by the RTCA and EUROCAE, are aimed at standardizing and providing best practices in the field of avionics development and certification. The FAA recognizes the use of DO-178 & DO-254 as a means of certification.

IEEE 12207 is a United States defense standard establishing uniform requirements for the software development that are applicable throughout the system life cycle.

RTC has worked with companies on numerous projects requiring expert knowledge in certification steps and facilitating a successful certification of the final product. This experience can be applied to your projects thus avoiding you the usual pitfalls commonly encountered during certification audits and document drafting.


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