Process Life Cycle

RTC emphasizes proper process and Life Cycle. This is due to the large involvement we have working with certification authorities. Through years of experience we know that dealing with government agencies requires a clear process but also to have proper traceability and be able to maintain the artifacts once generated. Here are the highlights of the whole process we apply to each and every new project:

• Meets with the customer to go over their requirements
• Apply and explain Life Cycle rules for the corresponding industry
• Identify, quantify and store requirements in a database
• Decompose requirements into systems level requirements
• Create tracing from systems requirements to customer requirements
• Hold design reviews of the systems requirements
• Place all documents under configuration control
• Store and save artifacts for later retrieval (reviews, authorities audits)

Each and every step is governed by the certification guidelines pertaining to the corresponding industry. For example, DO-178/DO-254 for avionics, and IEEE 12207 for Defense Systems Software Development. Whatever the industry might be, the same rigorous steps are implemented keeping in mind that the project does not end once done.

The certification requires complete end-to-end testing and V&V, tracing must be complete, all review actions must be dispositioned and checked, and finally the final product must be placed under configuration control. Certification authorities and customers alike must be able, at any time of the development or after certification, to retrieve artifacts and audit them.

RTC applies the same life-cycle principles to our office automation and web tools in order to guarantee that the products work correctly before delivering them to our customers.

The years of experience accumulated at RTC processing these certifications is your guarantee of having proven professionals working for you.


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