FPGA/CPLD Design and CCA Board Design

From complete CCA Board to programmed logic, RTC can design, layout or help you design the hardware that your project requires. Our team of hardware experts has been working on the most advanced projects for many years. The experience they have accumulated can be applied to your projects.

• Design and Program FPGA/CPLD
• Design and Layout of CCA Board
• Industry Specific Hardware Package Design
• Capture and Maintain your Hardware Requirements
• Perform Tracing from Requirements to High Level Documentation
• Generate Tracing Reports
• Compile Certification Documents
• Assist in Regulatory Audits

FPGA/CPLD are often found in medical imaging equipments and systems where space is at a premium and computing power requirement is demanding. RTC has extensive knowledge in programmed logic and can implement or guide your team to realize any FPGA/CPLD needed by your project.

All FPGA/CPLD firmware is tested to certification authority requirements. For Avionics systems it's DO-254.

Beyond doing the programmed logic, RTC is your complete solution for CCA Board Design and layout, and Hardware Package Design tailored to your specific needs. Our team can design the board, design the programmed logic and put it all together for you as a one stop solution.


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